Fury 2 Vaporizer Review

The Fury 2 is a portable hybrid conduction vaporizer from the company HealthyRips.  The Fury 2 vaporizer is an upgraded version of the OG Fury and it’s one of the smallest dry herb vaporizers that is actually good and that I recommend.

Other than the size, the Fury 2 portable vaporizer offers a full temp spectrum, on vape display, and quick heat up times.

It’s not the best for large groups because the bowl size is definitely on the small side at only around .15 grams but I find it perfect for solo sessions and maybe one more person without a high tolerance. This is definitely the vaporizer for someone needing discretion. It even comes with a protective smell cover.

I recommend picking up the Fury 2 vaporizer directly from healthyrips. They give you the bubbler for free and glass options which I definitely recommend and buying direct will ensure that you get a legit product from the source.

Puffitup is also a good place to pick up the Fury 2. They will run sales pretty often and have excellent customer service. Read on below to get my full Fury 2 vaporizer review and feel free to leave a comment down below with any questions.

Fury 2 Size, Portability, and Build Quality

Fury 2 Vaporizer Size Comparison

Size and Portability – The size of the Fury 2 vaporizer is something I was completely blown away by. I was super excited about the size of the ArGo vaporizer but the Fury 2 is even smaller. It’s easy to pocket, easy to conceal and one of the lightest portable vaporizers other than something like the Pax 3 (93g). The Fury 2 only weighs roughly 135 grams.

Build Quality – The outer shell is a “Kirksite Unibody” which is a zinc-based alloy. So far it seems very durable and all the pieces go together nicely. It’s a bit hard to get the mouthpiece off but at least you know it won’t come off on accident.

The on-vape display looks good, the buttons are responsive, the battery level and timer are shown directly on the screen, but the display could be a little brighter. I’ve had trouble seeing it biking on sunny days.

What’s Included + Accessories and Add-ons

Fury 2 Vaporizer - Side - HealthyRipsIncluded in the Box:

  • (1) Fury 2 Vaporizer
  • (1) Mouthpiece
  • Extra Screen and O-Rings
  • (1) Protective smell cover
  • (1) Wall Charger
  • (1) USB Charging Cord
  • (1) Oil and Wax Pad
  • (1) Wax tool
  • (1) User Manual

Extra Accessories + Bundle Options – The Fury 2 is offered in two different kits. You can choose the “free grinder or bubbler package” which is $139 or you can go with the $149 package that includes the glass mouthpiece or WPA ($15) and you still get to choose either the grinder or the bubbler. So the best deal in my opinion is to go with the $149 package.

Heating, Vapor Path, Temp Options

Heating – The website claims full convection but I’ve found the bowl to be pretty heavy conduction. I can get massive clouds out of this device especially at the higher temps. When I am not chasing clouds I prefer to vape with this unit around 370F since the higher temps produce some warm vapor. This is why I feel like it’s nice to pick up the bubbler.

The Fury 2 heats up in around 25 seconds.

Vapor Path – The Fury vaporizer uses a stainless steel fully isolated vapor path.

Temp Options – The temp range runs from 320F – 430F. The higher temps are pretty harsh which is the case with most conduction vaporizers with short vapor paths but the lower temps produce some pretty decent flavor and clouds for the size and price of the device.

Chamber Info and Draw Resistance – Fury 2

Chamber Info (Bowl Size) – The Fury 2 vaporizer holds about .15 grams of dry herb in the chamber. That’s usually a perfect session for one person and you can make it work with two if you needed. If you wanted something that worked better for group sessions, I would check out the Boundless CF. The CF can hold upwards of .5 grams and can work with varying load sizes.

You can still use the Fury 2 in groups but you’ll more than likely be loading a new bowl half way through the session.

Draw Resistance – The draw resistance on the fury two about average. This means that it requires a harder pull to get clouds. Both the Xmax Starry and the Boundless CF will have a bit more draw resistance.

Fury 2 Vaporizer Battery Info

Battery Specs – The Fury 2 uses an internal 1600mah LiPo battery.

Battery Life – I’ve been averaging about 35-45 minutes of battery life per full charge. This is pretty decent for the size of the device. Other units will definitely offer more battery life per charge but will usually run bigger in size. On the small end, the Pax 3 offers 100 minutes of average battery life and on the big end, the Solo 2 offers nearly 3 hours (180 minutes) of battery life on a single charge.

Charging Times – The Fury 2 has been charging in about 90 minutes from dead. Be sure to fully charge the unit before use.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Warranty Info

Warranty Info – The warranty with the Fury 2 is pretty good overall but a bit odd. You get one free replacement unit within one year and a ½ price lifetime replacement warranty after that.

Portable Vaporizer Comparisons

Boundless CF – I think the CF is the best overall value in this category of vaporizers. It doesn’t offer a full temp spectrum (Fury 2, Xmax Starry) or replaceable batteries (Xmax Starry) but the CF offers the best vapor quality with the least amount of draw resistance. It has the fastest heat up, the largest bowl (which also works with partial packs so you don’t need to fill it all the way) and It’s the easiest to load and easiest to maintain. Lastly, it’s the best of these three both single sessions and group sessions.

Xmax Starry – The Xmax Starry is the best portable of the three on paper. It’s the cheapest, it comes with a full temp spectrum, replaceable battery system, arguably the most portable, and great average battery life. It just doesn’t offer the same session experience as the CF. For someone who is interested in replaceable batteries or already has a bunch of extra 18650 batteries, the Starry is probably your best choice.

Pax 2 – I like my Pax 2 the best here overall since I am often using my vapes on the go and I can be pretty rough with them.  The Pax units are really tough to beat for hiking/biking/skiing. You will get the most rugged unit with the best battery life, but also the highest price coming in at $150 with the Pax 2.

Fury 2 Summary – Small Size, Big Performance

Overall the Fury 2 is a really good portable vaporizer. One of the main things I consider in my reviews is the actual size of the device. The Fury 2 is one of the smallest vaporizers I have tested and packs quite a punch for its size.

I wish it had a little bit better battery life and a larger chamber but I can’t really complain when I can literally palm the unit for discretion.

I recommend picking up the Fury 2 directly from HealthyRips. They offer the best packages. You can also check out Puffitup which will run sales pretty frequently.

Thanks for visiting my website and thank you for taking the time to read my Healthy Rips Fury 2 vaporizer review. Let me know if you have any questions down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Overall Score
Fury 2 Vaporizer Review (HealthyRips)


  • Claire S Davis says: October 14, 2019 at 11:31 am

    Are the parts of the vape mods replaceable. What if some of the parts get damaged and can accessories be purchased separately?

    • Buzz Danklin says: November 2, 2019 at 6:06 pm

      Some of the parts like the mouthpiece, and screen can be replaced, however the core/base unit itself cannot be replaced. You can buy accessories separately as well.

  • DTBlud says: November 20, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    The Fury2 works great, for a month or 2…I bought one in May of this year, i liked it so much, efficient, inexpensive, good taste, etc. that I bought a 2nd one because I got tired of forgetting to charge the battery. So I had one charging, one being used. Everything was great. About 2 mos later the one’s mouthpiece started getting loose and coming off. then about a month after that the 2nd Fury2 also started having loose mouth piece. Now it is 6mos since I bought 2 of these and both have a mouthpiece that falls off when it feels like it. They offer full replacement warranty the first year…sure, try to claim that on a mouthpiece made out of plastic. “Sorry our warranty does not cover customer damage or accessories like the mouthpiece.” $20 every 3-6mos for a new mouthpiece on a $119 vaporizor. Nice deal Healthy Rips, for you. I wouldn’t deal with this company or buy this product.

    • Buzz Danklin says: November 26, 2019 at 6:16 am

      Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, but thank you for sharing.


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