Affiliate Disclosure

Thank you for taking the time to read through my website, I truly appreciate every viewer, you are the reason I am able to offer this information free of charge.

I do my best to produce high quality content that makes it easy for everyone to learn all about my opinions on the products I am reviewing.

To keep this site ad-free employs the use of affiliate links, which provide with small referral commissions when purchases are made through my links.  I only post affiliate links for authorized dealers I have used myself and have had only good experiences with.  If I post an affiliate link, it is to a dealer I personally continue to trust and use.

As of now, I have purchased almost single vaporizer I have reviewed myself, however in the future if I am given a free demo product, I will clearly label it, and update this affiliate disclosure. (I have been given a few review units recently, and will be updating this page soon, so check back soon)

Even though financial relationships may exist on some of links, I will do my best to stay neutral and unbiased.  I understand providing a good customer experience is the key to the long term success desires.  The viewers best interests will always be put first.

If you would like to know more, or have any questions about please contact me.


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