XMAX Starry Vaporizer Review

The XMAX Starry is a portable conduction vaporizer made by XMAX. They also make the v2 pro which is one of the cheapest portable vaporizers that I actually recommend.

The Starry vaporizer is nicely designed and small enough to be easily pocketed out on the go. It also comes with a full temp spectrum, an easy to ready digital display and a replaceable battery.

Before we get too far into the review I wanted to point out that there are two different versions of this vaporizer. The original by XMAX with the “Starry” logo on it and then there’s another version with the POTV (planet of the vapes) logo. It’s exactly the same vaporizer just different logos. POTV didn’t like the flashy and bright starry logo and many people complained about it so they made it more inconspicuous.

I personally think it looks much better overall. Again, same price, same functionality, just a different logo.

Xmax Starry Vaporizer


On Sale through 7/6/18

NOW” $89.00

The Xmax Starry vaporizer retails for $99 and I recommend picking it up here. Read on below to get my full Xmax starry vaporizer review.

Size, Portability, and Build Quality

Pax 2 vaporizer vs XMAX Starry vape
The Starry vaporizer is about the same size of the Pax 2. Maybe a smidgen wider but very close. The Starry weighs roughly 120 grams with the battery in which is about 30 grams more than the Pax 2. I’m comparing these two together because they function in a very similar fashion, very similar design wise and only separated in price by about $30. The Pax 2 is $149 and comes with a two year warranty but doesn’t come with a replaceable battery system.

The Starry is very easy to pocket, easy to grip and pass around. It’s perfect the adventurous type whether you’re hiking, biking or just a night out on the town. It’s very easy to conceal and even palm if needed.

Really the only downside with the overall design is the fact that the mouthpiece and upper lid do get pretty hot with prolonged use. I’m talking long sessions at high temps but overall it’s not bad.

XMAX Starry Accessories

The Starry will come with your average cleaning tools, one replaceable rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable, instruction manual and a few extra screens. I recommend picking up an extra battery and the Nitecore I2 external charger if you think you will be using the Starry very often. The batteries will charge faster in the external charger and it’s always nice to have a spare just in case.

Heating Specs and Temp Options

I’m pretty impressed with the heat up times and temp options. Not only does the unit heat up in under 30 seconds but you get a full temp spectrum with on vape display and easy to use temp buttons. You very rarely find a vaporizer under $150 let alone $100 with a full temp display.

The full temp spectrum runs from 221F to 464F. I never really go above 420 but the option is there to really cook your herbs if you wanted. The Starry features a 5 or 10 minute session timer which is user adjustable by holding the power and up buttons.

Battery Specs, Average Charging Times, Battery Life and Charging Options

Xmax Starry Battery Compartment
The Xmax Starry vaporizer uses a 2500MAH 18650 rechargeable replaceable battery. I’ve been averaging about 70-80 minutes of battery life on a single charge which is really good for the size of this device. Charging takes anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes with the included micro USB cable, but you can reduce the charging times with an external charger.

Vapor Quality, Draw Resistance, Usage Tips

While The XMAX Starry vaporizer does have better flavor than other conduction units at or below this price, it is still like most conduction vaporizers. Great taste at lower temps, especially on the first couple rips but as the temp goes up and the session goes on, the taste goes downhill. The good news is that the Starry vape will put out HUGE clouds on the higher temps. With a tight pack and a fine grind, you will be thoroughly impressed with the vapor output. The Starry will also vape very evenly with no need to stir.

The draw resistance is about average when clean but goes up when dirty. The biggest contributor to the draw resistance is the mouthpiece/screen. It tends to clog up after multiple sessions so it’s  important to brush out the chamber and mouthpiece after every session. I also try not to leave herbs in the chamber after a session. When possible I Immediately dump the bowl to help keep down on cleaning.


I recommend a fine grind. You can achieve a fine grind by picking up something like the MFLB Finishing Grinder OR you can use a regular grinder but just grind it upside down to get it finer.

I have gotten the best results with a fully packed chamber.

Like I mentioned earlier, the lid and mouthpiece tend to get hot with prolonged use. When vaping a long endurance session you can use your hand or fingers to help dissipate the heat from the unit before a draw. Just place your fingers over the mouthpiece when you’re waiting for the next draw and it will cool it down.

If you wan’t to reduce screen cleaning, you can place a small metal screen cut to size over the top of the packed bowl, this definitely reduces cleaning, but its an extra step each time you pack and unpack the bowl so I generally don’t do this.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Overall the cleaning and maintenance is very easy with the Xmax Starry especially if you stay on top of it and brush out the chamber and lid after every session. Like I said, the screen will collect the most debris so try to keep it clean for best results.

A full cleaning is easy. Just throw some ISO on a q–tip, wipe out the chamber (with the unit upside down so nothing drips down into the unit), then wipe or soak the lid and mouthpiece and you’re good to go.

Other Portable Vaporizer Comparisons

Xmax Starry Vaporizer Comparison

L to R: Starry, Pax 2, Alternate, CF, CFX, Airvape XS, SC Grinder.

Pax 2: The Pax 2 is a darn good vaporizer especially now that they dropped price to $149. It functions very similar to the Xmax Starry but doesn’t come with a replaceable battery and the heat up is about 30 seconds slower. The Pax 2 has the bowl at the bottom of the unit with a longer vapor path so it produces a bit tastier and cooler vapor the one other thing that Pax 2 has is a log history of proven reliability and performance. If both units were the same price, I would go with the Pax 2 but once again, you’re spending more money. The Starry price point is tough to beat.

Boundless CF: The CF is one of the most popular portable vaporizers around $100. The CF mimics the Storz and Bickel Crafty with hybrid convection/conduction heating systems (although the Boundless vapes utilize much more conduction). I guess you could say the CF  gives you around 75% the performance at under 50% the cost of the OG Crafty.

Summary: Who should buy the XMax Starry?

The XMAX Starry is the perfect vaporizer for someone just entering the vape market. You don’t have to shell out a bunch of cash to get good results and the performance is really unmatched at this price point.

It’s easy to conceal, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

I recommend picking up the Xmax Starry here. Let me know if you have any questions about the Starry or any other vaporizer by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for checking out my site and thanks for reading my x-max starry review!

Xmax Starry Vaporizer


On Sale through 7/6/18

NOW” $89.00

Overall Score
XMAX Starry Vaporizer Review

The Starry is the perfect beginner vaporizer. Easy to use, easy to conceal and produces good results consistently. I'd pick up an extra battery or two and be sure to keep the screens clean for best results.


  • Kap says: January 23, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    What are the downsides the starry if I want to micro dose or take a few hits? What if I just shut it off after a few hits? Will this method waste my herb/concentrates? Couldn’t I just add smaller amount of product? Does the starry suffer in performance if I add a smaller amount. I know in some of your reviews you recommend a tight or loose pack or a full pack. I’m a complete newb and want to make sure I’m not wasting $.

    • Buzz Danklin says: January 26, 2018 at 11:44 am

      This vape works well with varying load sizes but for the most part, conduction vapes work best with an average to fine grind and a tight pack.

    • Wease says: May 31, 2018 at 6:18 pm

      You dont need a tight pack at all. Just put some in . If there’s a couple small pieces it fine. Still heat up quick. Give it a shake mid sesh and fine.

      • Buzz Danklin says: June 7, 2018 at 10:04 pm

        Thanks for replying man. Really appreciate it. I prefer a fine grind and tighter pack but the starry definitely works with varying load sizes.

  • A says: February 21, 2018 at 12:00 am

    O ring keeps going on mouth section
    I love this unit. As an ex smoker being able to go up to 240c is great. I love the size and discreet shape of the unit. I would give this unit 5stars if only for one problem; The o ring keeps coming off every couple of weeks.. Its not as smooth as you are inhaling more air than intended and getting less vapour coming thru. I don’t submerge the mouth piece in liquid of any kind. Just seems to happen thru wear and tear . I am using it about 10 times a day tops. If i didn’t have to shell out for a new mouthpiece every couple of weeks i would be a lot happier. If anyone has any advise or solution i would love to know

    • Buzz Danklin says: May 11, 2018 at 9:27 am

      I’m not having this issue but I also don’t use it as much as you. Are you still having the same issue? Are they sending you replacements?

  • Enso says: May 24, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    Do you know does the Starry do for group sessions ?

    Thanks :)

    • Buzz Danklin says: May 25, 2018 at 12:49 am

      The Starry has a bit bigger bowl than average and can hold around .2 -.3g so it works well for groups unless everyone has very high tolerances.

  • Kasey says: May 26, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    I just inboxed and packed mine up. I don’t seem to be getting any vapor off of it, what am I doing wrong?!

    • Buzz Danklin says: May 27, 2018 at 10:10 am

      Make sure that you have a decent grind on it and pack the chamber fully. What temps are you using?


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