Sticky Brick Vaporizer Review (OG, JR, HydroBrick, MAXX)

The Sticky Brick vaporizers are a little different than your average portable vaporizer. They use a butane torch for a heat source that produces on-demand convection heating. No batteries, no charging, no heat up time.

This Sticky Brick vaporizer review will go over both the Sticky Brick Original and the Sticky Brick Junior. I will also talk briefly about the HydroBrick-Maxx. I don’t currently have the Sticky Brick MAXX but I will be picking that up soon and adding some more info about it to this Sticky Brick vaporizer review.

The Sticky Brick butane vaporizers are some of the most efficient and best tasting vaporizers that you can currently buy. They are also hand-made from beautiful natural hardwood in the USA.

I consider the Sticky Brick OG (Original) a home use portable butane vaporizer. It can be used on the go but it’s definitely not going in your pocket.

It really works great around the house, it’s easy to carry from the desk to the couch with no chords/batteries to worry about. If you wanted something a little more portable for outside the house the Sticky Brick JR is similar function wise but smaller with a more compact and protected design.
Sticky Brick Junior and Sticky Brick Original Vaporizers

The Sticky Brick Junior with the top cover removed on the left, the OG brick on the right.

The downside is that the OG is not really a portable unit and meant more to be used at home. It is also quite a large unique looking unit They are also a bit tricky to pick up on the technique because YOU have to adjust the distance of the flame to the bowl. Personally I feel like the OG is the easier of the two to use because the glass mouthpiece is much bigger and allows you to see the vapor production immediately. But overall I think the Junior delivers a slightly more satisfying session. I have yet to combust with either of the Sticky Brick units but it is possible.

Build Quality and Portability

Both the OG and the JR offer outstanding quality and craftsmanship. You get a lifetime warranty on the wood body and 15 days with the glass pieces. The finishes are very smooth, clean cut, and all of the pieces fit together beautifully. The Sticky Brick vaporizers are truly a work of art.

Sticky Brick OG (front) and Sticky Brick JR (back left).

The Sticky Brick Original or just Sticky Brick is the first butane vaporizer made by Sticky Brick Labs. It’s quite a bit bigger than most other portables and that’s why I consider it a home-use portable.

The Sticky Brick JR is the second vaporizer produced by Sticky Brick Labs and I’m a huge fan of the reduced size. Not only is the unit now pocketable but after using them both for a while, the JR actually packs a bigger punch for me! Both glass pieces on the Junior can be aligned so that a cover can be added over the top and the entire unit will conceal into your pocket.

While the JR is portable, it is not stealthy. The torch will make noise, and you are still not going to be able to palm the Junior for concealment but the top cover will basically allow the unit to hide in plain sight without attracting attention. It also does a great job protecting the glass if you throw it into your backpack.

Heating, Chamber Info and Size

The Sticky Brick vaporizers use a butane torch heating source. This means instant on demand heat allowing for quick sessions and the ability to easily break bowls down into multiple sessions. I’ve also found that both units work very well with varying load sizes.

Sticky Brick Vaporizer Pieces (Junior and Original)

Sticky Brick OG (left) and Junior (right) chambers/screens.

The OG does have a slightly larger bowl than the Junior so the JR is a bit better if you like to vape very small loads. Both units still have good sized bowls, and the chamber size won’t ever hold you back because you can easily load another chamber. No need to wait for the chamber to cool down, heat back up, etc…

One thing that is required is stirring. I usually stir after every other draw and you could even stir after every draw if you wanted. It’s not a huge deal because the blocks just pull apart and the Junior actually comes with a wooden pick that easily stores back inside the unit.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality with the Sticky Brick OG and JR are top notch. I would say that the Original Stick Brick produces slightly cooler/smoother vapor quality because the unit/glass is just bigger overall. The vapor has more surface area and more time to cool before it reaches your lips. With that said, I feel like the Junior actually produces bigger clouds. It’s a little harder to master but I think I prefer the Junior overall because it can really pack a punch.

How to Use, Packing Techniques

The Sticky Brick Butane vaporizers are not as easy to use as something like the Mighty which is my other favorite at home portable but that doesn’t mean they are hard either. I was able to master the technique on the OG on the second session. The Junior took me a couple tries to master because you can’t see the vapor forming in the glass as well but you learn to feel the vapor on your tongue and adjust the torch accordingly. It’s really kind of a rewarding feeling to master the technique and it’s a fun time teaching friends the technique as well.

There’s no loading techniques with the Sticky Brick vaporizers. Just load the amount you want for that specific session and you’re ready to go. You can even load a full chamber for a couple hits later on. No problem with leaving herbs in the chamber for later. I just recommend a good stir between draws to get the best results. Grinding is still recommended as well.

The torch that comes with the Stick Bricks is an Eagle Torch, and so far is has served me very well. I have a few others around home, and overall the Eagle is the one I end up using most of the time. I do recommend you get a quality butane to help avoid torch problems, none of that Ronson from Walmart!


The only accessory that I recommend is for the Sticky Brick OG and it’s the Hydro Add-On. It’s an attachment that adds an 18mm glass connector and silicone tubing. I don’t have this add-on yet but I plan on picking it up. I do know that it rips super hard.

If you’re a big glass fan you can also go straight for the Hydrobrick-Maxx. The Sticky Brick Hydrobrick-MAXX retails for $199 which is the most expensive version but offers the most versatility straight out of the box. The MAXX comes with the glass mouthpiece, glass WPA, whip and connector for full functionality. I don’t have the Hydrobrick-Maxx yet but I will update when I do!

The Sticky Brick OG retails for $179 and the Sticky Brick Junior retails for $149.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple. I usually brush out the bowl after each session and clean the screens. It takes like 10 seconds and the more you stay on top of it, the longer you can go without changing the screens.

Changing the screens is the only routine maintenance you’ll need to do and it takes about 30 seconds. DO NOT ISO SOAK THE WOOD. If you have some really nasty places, I recommend putting a very small amount of ISO on a brush/pipe cleaner but make sure to let the unit fully dry before you use it again.

Sticky Brick Original all pieces.


All of the Sticky Brick butane vaporizers come with a lifetime warranty on the body with 15 days on the glass.


Mighty Vaporizer ReviewMighty Vaporizer

If you don’t really want to venture down the butane path but still want a unit that is great around the house I recommend the Mighty. It is more expensive, but along with the Sticky Bricks, it’s the main at home portable unit I use. For more information check out my Mighty Review.


The Sticky Brick vaporizers definitely get used on a daily basis. I like how fast I can get in a quick draw and go about my business. You won’t find me venturing outside with the OG but I have taken the Junior out in the wild a couple times and I actually really enjoy using it outdoors. The lack of batteries is oddly satisfying and it feels good to have complete control over the results in a session. I can definitely see myself bringing the JR backpacking in the future and no longer having to lug around my heavy external battery packs to recharge my vapes.

What Sticky Brick Vape should you buy?

If you have glass at home and you plan on using your Sticky Brick with glass, I would just go straight for the HydroBrick-Maxx ($199).

If you are new to butane vaporizers and trying to get your feet wet, I recommend the Original Sticky Brick (Sticky Brick OG – $179). It’s the easiest and most forgiving of the three to use and you can still pick up the Hydro Add-on ($59.95) if you wanted to use glass attachments.

If you wanted the most portable butane option of the three sticky brick vaporizers, I would check out the Sticky Brick Junior ($149). It’s a little bit harder to use at first but once you master the technique, you will be extremely happy with the results.

I will add more info on the HydroBrick-Maxx as soon as I get my hands on it. Thanks for checking out my Sticky Brick Vaporizer Review and feel free to leave a comment below with any questions!

Sticky Brick Junior Butane Vaporizer

Sticky Brick JR with top cover (left) and Sticky Brick OG (back right).

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Overall Score
Sticky Brick Vaporizer Review

The Sticky Brick vaporizers are a little different than your average portable vaporizer. They use a butane torch for a heat source that produces on-demand convection heating. No batteries, no charging, no heat up time. If you are looking for great flavor, and big rips you the Sticky Brick might be for you.


  • Chauncey says: April 27, 2018 at 3:13 am

    When you gonna update with info on the Maxx?

    • Buzz Danklin says: May 9, 2018 at 6:36 pm

      They are sending me one! I should have it here soon and hopefully get a review up in a couple weeks. I’m definitely excited for it.

  • Brenda Powers says: May 13, 2019 at 12:28 am

    Hi: Is there a good How To Use manual for the Sticky Brick as I have never used a vaporizer before?

    Also do you sell replacement fittings for this product?

    • Buzz Danklin says: June 17, 2019 at 6:08 am

      Hey Brenda, You can find the manuals at the manufacturers website HERE and they will also be able to help you with any accessory needs. If you have any specific questions about use I would also be more than happy to help. My best tip for all of the Bricks is to start your draw very slow, and try to taste/feel how thick the vapor is getting. Once the vapor is thick enough for my personal preference I start drawing much faster.


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