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This page contains all the portable vaporizer reviews that are finished. If the portable dry herb vaporizer you are looking for is not here, odds are I HAVE tested it, I just haven’t completed a review yet. At this point I have tested over 65 different portable vaporizers and the list continues to grow pretty much daily so feel free to shoot me an email with any questions.

Featured Review: Firefly 2 (13:53)

The Firefly 2 is currently my go to vaporizer for smooth, cool and tasty vapor. The quick heat up time, light weight, and awesome battery life make the FF2 an easy daily driver.

Here’s a couple things they improved upon:

You get two batteries instead of one, each of those batteries lasting twice as long as the original, so essentially 4 times the battery life of the original Firefly. They also dropped the unit weight by over 100 grams and reduced the overall size making it much easier to pocket for use on the go.

Check out more in my full Firefly 2 review.

OR pre-order one for $329 here.

Latest Review: G Pen Elite (7:31)

The G Pen Elite is surprisingly good and one of the first original designs to come out of G Pen. The quick heat up, ease of use and large chamber make this a great group vaporizer but also works well with varying load sizes.

Here is what I like:

The G Pen Elite offers a full temp spectrum via an LED display on the side of the unit and easy to use temp change buttons. It’s also extremely portable and easily pocketable so I have been using it quite a bit on the go.

Read more info my full G Pen Elite review.

OR pick one up for $169 here.

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