Welcome to VaporizerWizard.com! My name is Buzz Danklin. I’m a USMC veteran, avid vaporist and I love the outdoors. I enjoy mostly hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and a good bonfire. Over the last eight years I’ve bought or used countless desktop and portable vaporizers. My goal is to provide you guys & gals with quality vaporizer reviews, vaporizer tips/tricks, vaporizer comparisons and vaporizer cleaning tutorials. If you have any questions about a specific vaporizer or have an idea for a review, feel free to contact me. To get started, go ahead and click on any vaporizer below or scroll down to see my recommendations for best portable vapes and best desktop vapes. -Buzz

Vaporizer Reviews 

Vaporizer Comparisons

Firefly 2 vs Pax 2 vapor path
Pax 2 vs Firefly 2

Mighty vs Crafty Vaporizer Comparison
Mighty vs Crafty

Firefly vs Pax Vaporizer Comparison
Firefly vs Pax

Pax 2 vs Crafty Vaporizer Comparison
Pax 2 vs Crafty

Pax 2 vs Firefly Vaporizer Comparison
Pax 2 vs Firefly

Pax 2 vs Pax
Pax 2 vs Pax 1


Best Portable Vaporizers

Best Overall Portable Vape

1. Crafty ($399 Now $339): The Crafty is my favorite overall portable based on ease of use, consistency, portability, vapor quality and design/durability. The Crafty offers a “default temp” and “boost temp” which can be changed via the Crafty APP to any temp ranging from 104 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The Crafty has everything, from subtle vibrations letting you know the bowl is ready, to a filling aid that makes loading and unloading the chamber super easy. The feature I like most about the Crafty is it’s consistency. You can half-pack, full-pack, pack it tight or lose, and the Crafty produces pretty much the same amazing results every time. It’s a perfect portable vaporizer for anyone, novice to advanced. The only downside is the battery life but the Crafty comes with a USB charging cable so it can be charged pretty much anywhere. Plus you can pick up battery packs for dirt cheap now days.

Best Vapor Quality

1. Firefly ($269): The Firefly is currently my favorite portable vaporizer for vapor taste, temp and production/density. It’s extremely well made, heats up quick (3-5 seconds), and produces amazing vapor quality. The maintenance is fairly simple and the bowl is decent size. The unit is a bit bigger than other portables but much more elegant as well. You can feel the quality plus the Firefly has replaceable internal rechargeable batteries which is nice for long trips, day hikes, snowboarding, etc…

Most Portable/Discrete Vapes

1. Pax 2 ($279): The streamlined design of the new Pax 2 completely removed the mouthpiece cleaning/maintenance from the equation. The mouthpiece sits flush along the top of the unit so the device looks similar to an MP3 player with some headphones wrapped around it. It’s extremely easy to conceal and still pretty easy to operate which is one of the reasons I like to use it on the go. The Pax 2 works great for both single session users and group scenarios.

The Pax 2 is slightly smaller than the original with 30% more battery life and they increased the temp settings from three to four. The new temps range from 360 – 420 Fahrenheit. The Pax 2 also comes with a new feature called lip sensing technology which works by ramping up the heater when the unit senses your lips on the device. This allows a more stable environment in the oven while you draw and a more consistent/even vape of your herbs compared to the previous model.

2. PUFFiT 2 ($99): The PUFFiT 2 mimics the look of a medical inhaler. (See Pics: Pic 1 , Pic 2 ) This and the Pax 2 are one of the few vaporizers that could be used in plain site without people getting too suspicious. It heats up quick and there’s no loud a$$ fan to let everyone know that the thing in your mouth is most definitely not a medical inhaler. As you can tell, I didn’t really like earlier PUFFiT models but this one is actually good and it’s only $99. If you need portability and discretion, this is definitely a good option. Not the best vapor quality and not huge clouds but it will get 1-2 people medicated.

3. Pax by Ploom ($199): The Pax by Ploom is still one of the most portable and discrete vaporizers on the market. It heats up in as little as 30 seconds and produces solid vapor quality. It has a big chamber for long sessions and holds a charge for about an hour of continuous use. The Pax requires a bit of cleaning compared to other vapes but it also comes with a ten (10) year warranty.

Best Cheap Vapes

1. Magic Flight Launch Box ($119): The MFLB holds the title for the smallest portable vaporizer. It heats up quick (3-5 seconds), produces decent vapor quality and is the cheapest vaporizer worth buying. It runs on external batteries which is good for long trips with no electricity (bring extra batteries).

The MFLB does require some technique to get good production. It’s definitely a collection piece vaporizer and after you master the technique, you will really learn to love this vape. Lifetime warranty.

Best Dry Herb Vape Pens

1. Grasshopper ($135 Pre-Order): The Grasshopper is the closest comparison to an actual pen that you can get. It’s also one the best portable vaporizers overall as far as vapor production and consistency.

The Grasshopper uses a dynamically controlled 30w heater that fluctuates all the way up to 45w. This means that you can rip on it as hard as you want and the Grasshopper will keep producing dense vapor. Downside to this unit is small vapor path creates a pretty warm draw compared to other weaker models.

It works in the exact same fashion as a pen. Just click the top button down and it heats up in 5-7 seconds, you begin your draw, when finished, click the button again. Because the Grasshopper heats up so fast, you can literally get in a full session before most session portables even finish heating up. The only other portable vaporizer that can compete with the Grasshopper heat up time is the Firefly and now we’re talking double the price ($135 to $269).

The Grasshopper comes with a Lifetime warranty and I definitely recommend that you add this one to your collection. Ships May 2015.

2. QuickDraw 300 ($100 or $140 Deluxe): The QuickDraw 300 is basically the exact same thing as the V2 Pro Series 3, smart cartridges and all. Only when you buy the QuickDraw 300, you are getting it directly from VapeWorld which is a trusted distributor. You won’t have to deal with any of the customer service issues that have been going on over at V2 and you will get your unit much faster.

The QuickDraw 300 comes with a one year manufacturer warranty and the “Deluxe” ($140) package comes with all three smart cartridges: Dry Herb, Wax/Solid Concentrates, & E-Liquid.

The only difference between the units is the E-Liquid doesn’t come included with the $100 purchase. Just the dry herb cartridge.

*I have not personally tested the Quick Draw 300 but as far as I know, it’s the exact same as the V2 Pro Series 3.

3. V2 Pro Series 3 ($94.98): Update (4/5/15): V2 is having some serious issues with customer support and shipping delays/backorders. I recommend checking out the QuickDraw 300 instead.


The V2 Pro Series 3 is the only vape pen I’ve tested that can actually vaporize dry herbs. Plus you can’t beat the price. The vapor quality is decent for a pen and the Series 3 uses magnetic smart cartridges that make swapping out bowls extremely easy. This is the best deal if you are looking for pick up an all-in-one or 3-in-1 portable vaporizer for dry herbs.

Best All-In-One Vaporizer (Dry, Wax/Concentrate, E-Liquids) – Haze Vaporizer ($249):

Best Desktop Vaporizers (Home-use only)

Best Overall Desktop – Volcano Vaporizer ($539 Now $479): The Volcano is one of the best desktop vaporizers I have tested. It produces the best vapor quality, vapor density, and is extremely well made. I’ve had mine for four years now with absolutely no problems. It fills balloons using forced air via a very well designed valve system. If you can afford it, get it. It’s worth every penny.

Best Whip/Bag Combo – Arizer Extreme Q ($239): The Arizer Extreme Q is what is known as a dual-purpose vaporizer. It comes standard with a balloon and whip option. It also comes with some pretty cool features like a digital temperature display and a remote control. The Extreme Q produces decent vapor quality and is pretty simple to maintain. It has a couple design flaws but overall, the Extreme Q is one of the best priced desktop units.

Finding the Best Vaporizer

Finding the perfect vaporizer can be a daunting task. There are many different portable and desktop units to choose from. I’ve found that not every person is going to want the same vaporizer. Above is a list of my favorite portable vaporizers and the best desktop vaporizers with a few options in each to help get you started. Check out the “Best Vapes” category in the navigation menu if you’re looking for options like the best cheap vape or the best overall vape.

Before I release any vaporizer reviews, I spend at least a month testing out the vaporizer. The main things I’m looking for while testing out a new vaporizer would be vapor quality, ease and convenience of use, unit build quality, durability/reliability, cleaning/maintenance, efficiency, and price. I continue to update my reviews over time if I feel the unit has continued to perform up to my expectations or if the unit has had problems. If any of the units have any problems, I will update the review with how well I thought the situation was handled and how the company did with customer support. Every person expects the vaporizer they buy to be a quality product but problems may arise when dealing with small electronics and extreme heat (400+ degrees). I always test out the vaporizers for more than just an initial box opening. I like to heavily test out the vaporizers before reviewing, and continue using the vapes beyond the review.

Watch out for fakes and knockoffs

Another topic I would like to talk about is the importance of buying your vaporizers through an authorized retailer. Vaporizers are gaining a lot of popularity with legalization spreading across the country. With that said, counterfeit models are being made for many of the popular vaporizers. I recommend buying vaporizers from VapeWorld.com. I buy all my vaporizers through them because I know it’s a quality product direct from the manufacturer and it comes with a warranty.  Whether you’re spending $119 or $539, it’s nice to have peace of mind knowing your device is covered. Most of the units I recommend on this site will come with at least a 3 year warranty.

You can check out the reviews to get the specifics on the warranty information for each vaporizer. It’s also important to know that these recommendations are based on my personal experiences with these vaporizers. Others may have different opinions but no one has influenced my recommendations. I stand by my recommendations 110% because I personally have tested each and every vaporizer in my reviews.

Reviews by Buzz Danklin Reviews by Buzz Danklin